March 23, 2020

With Governor Brown issuing an executive order today I wanted to make sure that it was available for everyone to read. Following is a short summary of what it says and below that you will find a link to the full order, a link to Oregon Health Authority and a link to the CDC website.

We are a strong community and we care about each other. We will get through this. Please follow the executive order, stay home and when you do need to go out practice social distancing.

Culver City Hall will be closed but you can call Donna at 541-546-6494.

Public Works will be working. You can contact Kim on her cell phone at 541-678-2097.

I can be reached through email at [email protected] and will continue to update this information as needed.

Stay Home, Save Lives

Nancy Diaz


City of Culver

• All non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals are prohibited immediately, regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Gatherings of members of the same residential household are permitted.
• It closes and prohibits shopping at specific categories of retail businesses, for which close and fitness studios, skating rinks, theaters, and yoga studios.
• It requires businesses not closed by the order to implement social distancing policies in order to remain open, and requires workplaces to implement teleworking and work-at-home options when possible.
• It directs Oregonians to stay home whenever possible, while permitting activities outside the home when social distance is maintained.
• It closes playgrounds, sports courts, and skate parks, among other types of outdoor recreation facilities. Those that remain open are required to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines.
• It outlines new guidelines for child care facilities, setting limits and rules on amounts of children allowed in care, and outlining that child care groups may not change participants.
• Failure to comply with the order will be considered an immediate danger to public health and subject to a Class C misdemeanor.





Culver Community Information:

Culver is a small farming community nestled in a fertile valley 2,633 feet above sea level.

On average, there are 156 sunny days per year in Culver, Oregon.

Summer is usually dry and sunny rarely exceeding 100 degrees while the nights are cool. Winter brings temperatures that can dip into the twenties at night, but usually warm up into the forties during the day. We usually see some snow but the average is only about 6 inches.

Crops that are grown here include garlic, potatoes, certified grass, alfalfa, grain, mint and vegetable seeds.  Even though the growing season is short, it is quite productive.

Just 10 minutes from the Cove Palisades State Park and Lake Billy Chinook, Culver is a recreational paradise. The opportunities for fishing, boating, water skiing and wake boarding, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are endless.  Lake Billy Chinook attracts close to a half million visitors a year.

Culver has a population of about 1,480 citizens.  The local school district has a reputation for scholastic excellence and has been commended by the state.

The city water is natural spring water from Opal Springs, one of Culver's treasures.

Getting Here:

The City of Culver is located two miles West of Highway 97. Madras (the Jefferson county seat) is 9 miles to the North. 

Culver is 17 miles North of Redmond and 32 miles North of Bend. Portland is about a two hour drive to the northwest.

Culver is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  We welcome and celebrate any who wish to make their home here.

Culver IS Oregon!


Culver, OR






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