Meet your City Council:

We would like to thank Mayor Diaz and Councilor Andy Byrd for volunteering to serve the citizens of Culver by being on the Culver City Council. Your leadership and dedication were greatly appreciated.

Welcome to newly elected Mayor Jake Schwab and Councilor Gretchen Schlie. The City Council now consists of Mayor Jake Schwab and Councilors Bart Carpenter, Luke Middleton, Sharon Orr, Hilario Diaz, Steve McCall and Gretchen Schlie.

The city council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (except in January and February, which are on the fourth Monday) at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are being conducted using ZOOM but will resume being held at Culver City Hall as soon as possible. The public is invited to attend all meetings.

To participate, contact City Hall at 541-5446-6494 with any questions.

Congratulations and welcome new Culver Mayor Jake Schwab!

Jake Schwab

Age: 31

Education: 2007 Graduate- Lakeshore High School Stevensville, Michigan; 2011 Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana, BA in Christian Ministry and Youth Ministry

Occupation: High School Success Coordinator at Culver High School



Current Culver City Council

Mayor/Public Safety - Jake Schwab

Councilor -Steve McCall - Storm Water

Councilor- Sharon Orr - Public Relations

Councilor- Bart Carpenter - Parks Liaison

Councilor-Luke Middleton - Streets/Transportation

Councilor - Gretchen Schlie.- Public Safety Liaison

Councilor - Hilario Diaz - Buildings & Fire Liaison





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